High Ropes Safety

Why Knot Adventure - Safety

For your peace of mind

With such an activity there is inevitably a risk of injury, however, the following points should help put your mind at ease.

  • There are two instructors running the session; one at the bottom of the wall controlling your ascent and one at the top on the course managing your safety line and aiding with any distress
  • All participants wear a harness and helmet. The harness is permanently fixed to a safety line and will catch you should you fall.
  • An instructor is on hand to attach you to the safety line. Participants are not permitted to remove the safety line while on the course
  • Should you slip on the course and find yourself dangling and unable to move an instructor will rescue you.
    If you are half way around the course but feel you cannot go any further an instructor will rescue you.
  • All instructors are trained by independent instructors and regularly receive in house training and development.
  • All equipment receives weekly & monthly checks to ensure it is safe to use with a course inspection being carried out before each session.
  • Please be aware that there can be no overtaking on the course. If one participant gets stuck the rest of the group will need to be patient until they have been rescued by an instructor.
  • This can lead to some waiting but safety is the priority.

Safety & Important Information

With such an activity there is inevitably a risk of injury, therefore we put extra effort which should help put your mind at ease.

Safety Code

All users must follow guidelines and regulations issued by the centre and its staff.

  • Participants are not permitted in the enclosure unless prompted by an instructor.
  • People suffering from heart conditions and pregnant women are not permitted on the course.
  • Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed.
  • Any participant endangering themselves or others will be removed immediately.
  • No smoking in the enclosure or whilst wearing a harness.

Panic Policy

It is our strict policy that if a participant is deemed to be loosing control or courage, that their safe completion or recovery takes priority. We will not force or push them to continue.

We will encourage them, ensuring they are confident, or rescue them and find the easiest route off the course. In such situations all other participants are expected to be patient and offer help or encouragement as appropriate.

Harassment, bullying, heckling and rushing of less confident participants by either participants or spectators WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

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