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Suffolk Ski & Leisure Park is the focus for Ski and Snowboard Activity in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex

© 2024 Suffolk Ski & Leisure Park. All Rights Reserved.
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© 2024 Suffolk Ski & Leisure Park. All Rights Reserved.

Having FUN, learning to climb, and pushing your boundaries, in a safe and supervised environment, over the various challenges.

Our staff are always at hand, both on the ground and on top of the platform, to encourage, assist, and make your individual and group experience an enjoyable one.

  • Session lasts approximately 1 hour, however there are occasions when we may over-run.
  • There is a minimum age of 7 and minimum height requirement of 110 cm.
  • We will aim to accommodate individuals and smaller groups during open sessions or with other small groups.
  • Please note, we cannot guarantee sole use of the course for small groups.
  • No special clothing is required, just normal clothing and flat shoes are recommended.
  • All participants are supplied and fitted with harnesses and helmets, and are secured to the frame at all times by one of our instructors – participants do not have to detach or reattach whilst on the course.
  • The course is open in most weathers, although we will avoid storms, lightning, icy conditions and high winds for safety reasons.