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Why Knot Adventure

Open Sessions

Climbing & High Ropes Experience!

What’s it about?…….Having FUN, learning to climb, and pushing your boundaries, in a safe and supervised environment, over the various challenges.

Our staff are always at hand, both on the ground and on top of the platform, to encourage, assist, and make your individual and group experience an enjoyable one.


To Begin…

Climbing wall

You begin your assault on the course using the 8 metres high climbing wall.  There are 3 routes increasing in difficulty, try each one!  The wall provides access to the tower platform.

Postman’s walk

A traversing element with a taught hand rope parallel to a foot cable.  A nice intro but be careful not to let your legs go either side


Dangling ropes is all you have to hold on to!

Jump the gaps…

Can you step across the gap   with nothing to hold on  to…..twice?


A single log beam that requires balance and agility.

The descent…

Jump back down to earth via the Para-fan descender.  A fan controlled descent - dare you jump?

Back To Solid Ground!!!

Wobbly Bridge

An element where skill and daring are required to cross, there is nothing to hold on to!

Prices & Booking

£15.50 per person


“The high ropes course is perfect for kids parties and team building events - team building activities for children and adults can teach valuable skills for use in life.

With both a challenging high ropes course and climbing wall there is room for all abilities, where children and adults alike can test their own limits through this very rewarding experience.”