The Lodge Restaurant  

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We offer a range of lite bites, sandwiches and paninis - All available to order from the bar.

Snack menu…

Call us on 01473 602260 or email

Please note food on our menus are subject to availability and options may vary from time to time.

bites at the bar

soup of the day with rustic bread                                                             

mixed olives                                                                                                 

            mixed bread with dipping oil                                                                     

toasted garlic ciabatta                                                                               

nachos topped with chilli con carne, cheese & soured cream               

baked camembert sharing platter (dipping bread, seasonal chutney)

the lodge sandwich – with ciabatta bread                                                          

cheddar cheese & onion chutney    

prawn in marie rose     

honey & mustard glazed ham with course grain mustard mayo  

tuna in citrus mayo

stilton, roquette, apple & walnut     

hot bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo    

hot sausage, lettuce, tomato & sweet chutney

the lodge toasted panini                                                                                     

            emmental, red onion & tomato

new yorker (pastrami, salami, mozzarella, American mustard, dill pickle)

croque monsieur (emmental, ham & dijon mayo)

            brie, red onion & red currant                 

            mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato & pesto

            bacon & brie  

(All our paninis  & sandwiches are made to order - if you wish to keep yours simple or change just ask)

the lodge favourites

bowl of chilli con carne, rice, cheese, soured cream & bread                

            bowl of ‘today’s’ curry, rice, dipping bread                                             

            (ask for today’s choice)  


tasty salads

            dressed salad, new potatoes and bread                                                

(ask for today’s selection)

bigger bites – served with fries

‘Dingley Dell’ sausages, beans & chips                                                      

honey & mustard glazed ham, egg & chips                                             

Steakburger... Plain                                                                                     

 Or top with your choice of:                                                                                 

Cheddar / mozzarella / brie / stilton / bacon / chilli con carne / red onion  

(all served on granary seeded bun, chips, dressed salad & relish)  

kiddies bites

 1 sausage, beans & chips                                                                          

 2 sausages, beans & chips                                                                        

 ham, 1 egg & chips                                                                                  

 smaller burger (served as above)                                                              

bowl of fries

plain fries                        £2.50                 curly fries                          £2.95

           cheesy fries                       £2.95                 cheesy curly fries             £3.50

           cheese & bacon fries      £3.25                 cheese & bacon                £3.95

           chilli cheese fries             £6.95                 chilli cheese curly fries    £6.95







All £5.25

All £5.25